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The 3pt Shootout
The 3pt Shootout

3 Point Shootout





We're looking for the best high school shooter in the country.


Cost starts at $75 to enter.

The winner of this event will be awarded:

1) The 2024 Title of Best Shooter in the Country

2) A $3,000 Grand Prize*

3) An NIL deal from Shooters Shoot LLC*

Only the athletes on the waitlist will be guaranteed a chance to compete.

So you'll want to do that now.


The opening rounds will involve strategy.

The championship rounds, you're on your own.

*Yes, we will have a giant check.

*The moment you sign to play in college (due to differences in state regulations on NIL); details on NIL package to be outlined after sign-up; I promise it's awesome.

Join the Waitlist

The best shooters already have.

We gotchu 😎 We'll be in touch soon!

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